End of 2002 Season
Ride and Work Party; Saturday, 11/02/02

Steve Murphy ("click") jumping the finish line table with tents and barbecue waiting for the guests ("click") to arrive. 
The "ride and work" party was a different approach to the end-of-season task of putting anti-freeze in all the water lines.  This year, well, the club decided to rent a heated tent, barbecue a ton of food, bring the bikes, invite a ton of guests and basically just have a blast.  Say, there were snow flurries all day too! 


What the hell is THAT thing ?? ("click")!


Yeah, somebody had to wad it off the spectator ("click").. no harm done though....

Tom Stinson and Steve Murphy cooking up a big meal for all the guest riders you can see out on the track in this pic.   Check out the custom ACE grill.  And we mean custom... See the welded on handlebars and trophy in the next pic:  ("click"). And here's another happy customer ("click")..

That crazy old guy spent the day trying to throw whips off the spectator table.   Listen closely:  The +50 class can't learn to do  whips.  Too late for that.

And, man, did this guy ever get plowed! The dancing bear.   And you know what he hates.  Wears it right on his chest.
Now, I know JUST what you are thinking...  Because it looks bad to me too!   But this is what THAT is all about ==> ("hint").

Of, course a burnout session was in order...
More      And even more    (it didn't blow out though)

Club member pics

ACE club members getting ready to clean up.
ACE President, John Barton, found time to ride.
Tom Stinson, doing time at the grill.
Jackie Beyer and friend..
Jim Bottomley on the finish line stepup.

Guest pics

webmaster junior drove down from college to do some riding.
(( here Beaver Man gives him some pointers to "college boy" on how to handle the opposite sex ))
#225 flying high off the spectator
Ted Bolkema (here with Bernadette Behrens) is in good spirits and healing up nicely
Looks like our "yellow flag head banger" was in good hands.
Mr and Mrs. Joe "super fast" Fritz   and Mr. and Mrs.250F Renzland
Scott Behrens and daughter
heated tent dining and "who is this kid?"   (he is famous now)

Of course, we finished off with the traditional campfire
And NO ...  we didn't ride the RAT Honda through the campfire !!