Ride and Work Party

Saturday, 11/01/03

"The day we close & winterize the track watering system for the season"

ACE Club Member, Ron Rothkranz

Ron Rothkranz airs it out big just as the first guests begin to arrive.
While his dad, Bud, and another club member look on.







Vinnie Scannapieco was good enough to volunteer to get the clams ready for the club.  Vinnie's Dad made the trip too.   
No hog today ???

          Air Pics

Always one big getoff at the ACE Closing Party.  Its part of the tradition.  He was OK (and so is the Murphy landing ramp).




Stinson Jr.

Ceglio Whip      And his whip MOVIE


Sic t 2  (and taking "good care" of Huss Daddy's future number plate)

          People Pics

+50 riders & Ace Club members: 
Rick Pence and Jim Bottomley

"sic t 2" junior, Brian Scherer, with Jack (Walden prez) and John Barton (ACE prez).  Hey, how come we don't see Brian on the 250 expert gate anymore?  Because he is HERE until next June.. 

Ace Treasurer; Rob Beyer, got his first chance to ride all year!

Mrs. Stinson and Mike Ceglio starting up the grill

Supplies offloaded            Joe Fritz and his oysters.       

Some happy table faces       All the young riders

Group generator discussion (and Jones jumping).

Bob Bottomley and Jackie Beyer.

Pb010052.jpg (105562 bytes)

Tom Stinson, former ACE Club President celebrating his 45th birthday
What is Tom wishing for as he blows out the candles ?  answer is here

              Feedback on the  "Ace Whip Instruction"   Video

Ok; "play" riding at ACE today was the very first chance I had to apply the lessons taught by Mahan & Leavitt in the instructional.   I concentrated on throwing my weight over my left handgrip BEFORE I left the ramp and as soon as I LEAVE the ramp I simultaneously extend my left arm and push the swingarm with my left heal (with some left handed bar twist too).  I know, I know, I've got to find the confidence to pull my outside foot off the peg.  But I will tell you this much:  the bike goes nuts from that kind of input:   last_week's_whips    Much better than my 2002 season tail waggers at last year's end of year party.  
I guess it pays to shut up and listen once in a while.
                                                                                                                                                           The +50 Class   

  Pb010046.jpg (48478 bytes)

A Most Honored Guest:   Walden Playboy's Club President, Jack Stroup



"Let's do it again Next Year !!"

By order of the ACE Cleanup Committe