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Sunday, September 14, 2003

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2nd Half Super Mini Holeshot

Jake Beebe (#5), Brian Mulcahy (#219), Mark Lindsay (#240), Peter Kerdash (hidden 103)  and Jamie Lawrence (#299) all in holeshot contention as they enter the first right turn.  Mark Lindsay will go on to win this moto with Brian Mulcahy taking the overall for the day.  Here are the MOVIES that were shot at the completion of first lap:   MOVIE/the leaders   followed by   MOVIE/the pack

Other mini & peewee action on this racing day: 
1st half Super Mini new track section:  
MOVIE/new track section   #41    blue raincoat   green   blue
Junior Mini 1st half:  MOVIE/before murphy's  
PeeWee 7-8 2nd half:  holeshot   #10  #129  #395  #10 & #7  #305 


100% of our Race Day Results

PeeWee 4-6
PeeWee 6-9
+25 expert
+25 amateur
+25 novice
Super Mini
250 expert
250 amateur
250 novice
Junior Mini
Senior Mini
+40 expert
PeeWee Suz-Yam
+40 amateur
+40 novice
125 expert
125 amateur
125 novice
60cc 6-9
60cc 10-11
+30 amateur
+30 novice

Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captures 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures are taken).  So they appear "side by side" most of the time.


P9140035.jpg (101159 bytes)

We caught some of the best "young guns" talking it up before the start of the 250 expert class:   Mike Leavitt (#213), Jay Weller (#14), Adam Wald (#117).   Don't miss watching this young riders attack the finish line rockers

Women's Class:  Chrissi Basna cruised into 3rd place to do what was necessary to protect her lead for the 2003 championship.  That did not stop the expert charges of Haley Burke (#818) and Athena Stefanou (#100) from taking 1st and 2nd place, respectively.  Big news on this day and a first for the women's class was Haley clearing the spectator table and doing it almost every lap.  Here is a MOVIE of this "first" for the Women's Class:  MOVIE/Haley spectator jump.   Other women's riders:  #16   #517  #29  #22  #779  white flag  #92
Rob Beyer after rushing TOO FAST to help fallen Carmen Caccavale !!   Athena looking for a cool place to rest after her last moto.

Vintage Class:  Ted Bolkema spanked the vintage class, in the 2nd moto, on a 1974 Bultaco that has a 1970's XR200 motor (all of 14 horsepower).  Hoell took the overall and Wino will be back!

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Seasoned vets Kurt Mcmillen (#28) and Barry Carsten (#79) put on a big show in the backfield rockers by quadding the whole set.   Here are two good MOVIEs of their action:
MOVIE/of Kurt and Barry quadding together
MOVIE/of Kurt coming up short on 4th rocker (a great technique video. make sure you "step thru it" frame by frame in slow motion).
Carlo had a tough day in 250 expert but swept +25 and +30 expert.

And how about that new ACE track section ???
  Great Spectating       Love that drop     Killer berms

See you at "Motofest" in October.
Remember payout to 12th place AND tons of great prizes.

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