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Sunday, June 1, 2003


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Ace Club member, Mike Jones, "squaring off" the mud corner at the end of the finish line straight. 

Elsewhere on the track we had ACE Club President, John Barton was enjoying the special challenge this rainy weather brought to his +35 moto ("click").   And when asked "How was it out there John?", we just got one of those John "B" smiles and "it was good", "it was good". "That one section had an awesome dry line."  "Did you see it?"  Sure John, We all saw it too...("click").


100% of our Race Day Results

PeeWee 4-6
Junior Mini
Senior Mini
+30 expert +30 amateur
+30 novice
125 amateur
125 novice
+35 PeeWee 7-8 Super Mini
+25 expert
+40 expert PeeWee
+25 amateur +25 novice
+40 novice
125 expert
60cc 6-9
60cc 10-11
250 expert
250 amateur 250 novice (somebody ripped off the result
sheet from the scoreboard
before it could be photographed)

Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captures 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures are taken).  So they appear "side by side" most of the time.

Terry Finkle won all 4 of his motos (250 expert and +25 expert).
Terry won all 4 of his motos impressively  But had a strong showing by Jake Radulewicz in 250 expert (took 2nd) and Darren Edsall (took 2nd) in +25 expert (who, by the way, is behind Terry in this 250 expert high speed holeshot pic).  Darren went on to win both +30 expert motos and was pumped to put on a great ride today.  Why?   Well, you see today was Darren's birthday.  He is 30 years old and winning both +30 expert motos was the best 30th birthday present I ever heard of!

Welcoming Anthony Savock from Royal Mountain and District 3.  Anthony got a little hot over Murphy's and found the rear of Kuhn's bike on the slick side of Murphy's.  No real harm done but "where's my clutch".   So Anthony with a major mud face (and undaunted) dismounted and went to find his father.  "Dad, I'm going to ride your bike that's nice and clean in the truck".  "NO WAY".  So Anthony remounted some of Dad's parts on his Yamaha instead and was back out there 2nd moto (check out the green parts on the holeshotting Yammie).  Welcome to the district to you and your dad and nice riding the rest of the day.

Wino kicks some serious butt:
Wino had his best day ever.  Taking a moto win in +30 amateur and a moto win in Vintage.
Here is Wino, SERIOUSLY mud faced, and smiling after his 2nd Vintage moto.

Overall Vintage Win goes to Jason Shuart.
Jason took the 2nd moto win and that was good for the overall.  A big surprise on this 1972 Japanese 4-stroke

Can you find yourself in these panoramic holeshot pics ???
(remember to scroll RIGHT,,, these are big pics)
+25 amateur holeshot (Siegel) (1st half)   Bender won it  Siegel and Bender after the race.
125 novice holeshot (Eric Wilson)
+25 amateur holeshot (2nd half)
PeeWee 7-8 holeshot (Austin Behrens) (2nd half)
+35 holeshot (Ray Micucci #101) (2nd half)
250 novice/amateur holeshot (2nd half)
250 expert holeshot (Finkle) (1st half)
80cc holeshot (1st half)

Women's Class:
Amanda Carson on the rockers.
Athena in the bowl turn.
Haley Burke has a tipover.
Samantha Fritz gets by.
And you do want a Tattoo don't you?  Carmen Caccavale and her son Nick.

Other Pics:
Spectator ramp became an obstacle to some in 2nd half as the mud became less watery:   Big and small got stuck.
Fritz roosting senior riders after Murphy's.
Things getting nasty for 80cc Jason Fioravanti.  
Kerry Kaminske (80cc) , trashing a stream,  was dominating the day.
There were a hundred of these things under my feet at Murphy's Law.
Overwhelming challenges for the little bikes.
Cleanest thing at the races was John Laski "styling" by the stepup.
Flagger helping a rider out of gravity #3.

Junior Mini:  Gillespie!    Here is his dad hoping he'll clear the traffic jam to get his win.  He did for back to back wins. And who is Gillespie's sponsor:  DIRT WURX, the supercross track builers)

John Nicholas, who is preparing some District 34 DVD's contributed these pics.  Make it a point to see the DVD of Kurt McMillen last month at ACE doing the "triple to stepup".  I have seen it and its incredible with some very surprising moves that are employed to get the distance.  Here are the "stills" he sent to us: 

More contributions from our very own ProRacePhotos:
The weekly Race Report         Complimentary pics    

Ray Micucci went 2-1 for the overall +35 win.

"Sliding and Pointing" ....   You now Tom wasn't intimidated by the conditions.


And here's the club after the day was over and the gates were finally closed to the track.  Another great ACE Racing Day  (maybe one of the best?) put on by the ACE Motocross Club ("click").


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