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Sunday, May 4, 2003

Jeffrey Rossier #71 had a good day going 1 for 1 in the +30 amateur class.  Here he is fighting off the charge of Bob Laposnak for the +25 amateur first moto win.  Jeffrey recently traded in his YZ450F for the 250F and is now a major contender.  Here are some other pics:       #71 crowd            #71 and ProRacePhotos


100% of our Race Day Results

PeeWee 4-6


Collegeboy final Junior Mini

PeeWee Manufacturer



125C (A-moto)

Super Mini final
125C (B-moto)


PeeWee 7-8

Super Mini (B-moto)
Super Mini (A-moto)


60cc 6-9

60cc 10-11
Schoolboy Women



Senior Mini final Senior Mini (A-moto)

Senior Mini (B-moto)


125C Final

Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captures 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures are taken).  So they appear "side by side" most of the time.

Here are some more pictures from this racing day:
Ceglio #982 mixing it up on first lap
Bud Rothcranz #593 on flagpole straight
Terry Finkle triple in finish line whoops
Terry Finkle 125 expert moto win (1st half)
Pablo (24) blew his clutch twice and was out of the running
Great spectating at ACE !
Pat Mahan #200 riding with a 3/4 inch bone chip in ankle from a week ago
25 novice:  Scott Washburn (217) and Robert Hoffman (124) on flagpole straight
Mike Lang (99) on the flagpole straight
Another great spectator spot at ACE
Ken Napolitano out front on his Vintage ride
Mike Jones from ACE motocross is back (riding 3 classes today too)
Don't look at me!  The track is a LOT more important.
+30 novice Mark (201) in 3rd gravity
+30 novice rider #264
Joe Fritz in the most scenic ACE pic of the day
Bob Grant #463, won the +40 novice class.  Bob, an avid mountain biker and trail rider also enjoys moto from time to time.

Can you find yourself in these panoramic holeshot pics ???
(remember to scroll RIGHT,,, these are big pics)

Collegeboy holeshot (1st half)
Mike Lang (99) leads the 60cc 6-9 holeshot        Outcome with Luke Renzland in 2nd
Super Mini holeshot and #185 (Leo Fitzsimmons) on the end gate
+25 expert holeshot and #73 (Gary Ostergard) on the end gate
125 expert holeshot        125 expert outcome
Schoolboy holeshot with Phil (127) on end gate
Vintage holeshot
+30 expert holeshot      outcome (looks like Phil Desousa (799) with a big holeshot)

Women's Class:
Chrissy #613 and her mom
Barbara Toribio (Women's champ last year) and Peggy talk strategy before the first women's moto
1st moto start with Chrissie, Erin and Athena up front
Outcome with Athena and Chrissie ready to dice
Athena and Chrissie still locked together after 1 lap
Erin on flagpole straight

Erin Sheedy and her fiancee
Erin and her fiancee think I look like Leon Trotsky.  Such compliments!
Erin is getting married on September 6th.  And is going to race Claverack the next day.
And I think we are all invited for a post reception get together on Saturday.  Erin, don't worry, I'll wear my best "bourgeois" riding gear.

Now for the WILDEST move of the day that I want to share with all of you.   I wish I had a movie camera as only it could do justice to what I was witnessing in the backfield. But I did my best with an illustration as to what was going on.  Well, it was Kurt Mcmillen (#28) who was battling with Carlo and Finkle all day in the top expert classes.  But in the backfield Kurt was TRIPLING the rockers (the ones in the distant corner) and using the 4th rocker as a ramp that would jump him up onto the top of the table after it.  A breathtaking move that he was doing lap after lap (traffic willing).  Sometimes he cased the table when he landed on it taking a big impact and blowing dirt out everywhere.  It didn't deter him a bit on the next lap. 

The Triple                        The illustration

People Pics:

Alex Gillespie (202) poses with family while sister hides from me!
There SHE IS and she has a better camera than me (that's why you were hiding!)

Its the little poodle -- cared for by Mrs. Rob Beyer (Ace Treasurer)
"Dreamer", Gary Tucker and his wife were down from Frozen Ocean again
Tom Bruno (our announcer AND top expert rider) under old glory

Sal Benanti (almost 67 years old now) and riding strong in +50 class
And believe me, all of us would have "a sparkle in our eye" too if we could still ride, let alone double jump like Sal when we are that old. 

Kurt Renzland (expert #65) and family went home with gold
ACE vendors ....    Did you buy a candy bar too?

Tons more Photos by ProRacePhotos   ===>
Ace Opening Day Photo Album          ProRacePhotos Web Site

Thanks for making our opening day a BIG SUCCESS.  It was the largest turnout in the history of ACE motocross and we are grateful to all the spectators and riders who made this event our largest ever. 

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