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Sunday, October 6, 2002

"Huss Daddy" (Art Hussey) grabs the big holeshot at ACE MOTOFEST
and walks away with the holeshot prize $$$$$$$$$$.

(( And great "style points" too.   You've been practicing a lot or reading a lot of magazines lately! ))

Motofest Prizes   MORE Motofest prizes

Photo contributed by ProRacePhotos


100% of our Race Day Results

PeeWee 4-6

PeeWee 7-8


Super Mini

+25 expert
+25 amateur

+25 novice
60cc 6-9



250 expert
250 amateur

250 novice
Senior Mini

+30 expert
+30 amateur

+30 novice
College Boy

Junior Mini
+40 expert

+40 amateur

+40 novice
125 expert

125 amateur
125 novice

Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captures 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures are taken).  So they appear "side by side" most of the time.

Here are some more pictures from this racing day:

Chris Van Blarcom (ProRacePhotos) powering into gravity #2

Chris railing out of gravity cavity
   in the chop    topping out of the last gravity
(Chris, don't be embarrassed by all the pics but this is one day when our motos were far enough apart for me to photograph.  Figured I'd get the job done while I could.)

Mike Delaney dropping into gravity cavity #2   Mike Delaney on the rockers

60cc powering off the spectator table
60cc #722 getting cheered on

#772 (Rich Winchester on the flagpole straight)

Rich Price cheering on Huss Daddy

Schoolboy: John Lawrence railing the fence line (a good pic!)

Can you find yourself in these panoramic holeshot pics ???
(remember to scroll RIGHT,,, these are big pics)

College Boy holeshot (what is with that "leg" ??? Does anyone know what that is about??)
WILD 60cc holeshot (Zach Fleming wheelie)
Schoolboy holeshot
Schoolboy holeshot

+30 expert holeshot    outcome
250 amateur holeshot   outcome
+25 novice holeshot
Vintage Holeshot

250 expert holeshot
+30 novice holeshot (that KDX, trail bike, was kicking butt out there the whole moto!!)
   outcome (KDX is 4th!!)

Women's Class:

Chrissi getting ready for moto
Women's class getting ready
Carmen was all smiles! (but had to leave after first moto to bring her daughter to soccer) Women's Class "experts (Jill, Terry, Peggy & Jackie)
Women's 2nd moto start
Chrissi out front
Leah on flagpole straight
Stacey Widera on straight
Samantha Fritz:  it won't be long before she takes an overall win.
Toni Garafalo  Toni Garafalo too
Alyssa and Kate Behrens
Chrissi fans cheer her on (Rich Price and Jay Weller)
Fast Erin Sheedy on straight
Peggy with a handfull of throttle
Jill, Terry, Peggy and Barbara are all SMILES after a day's racing

People Pics:

The moment of DISQUALIFICATION by Dennis  (pay attention next time sic-t-2!)
Mike Delaney #25
Steve Murphy:   hardworking ACE club member (he is why you have open practice on Wednesdays!!)
Remember; that District 34 reps post your point standings at EVERY RACE

The "infamous" Pat Mahan before his moto

For Sale:

R&R motosports tire sale!    (click here for R&R website)
R&R motosports bike and riding gear for sale 
FOR SALE: YZ250, KX65, KX60  (Scannapieco #13 // +40 and +35)


Beverly!  See what did I tell you!!!! (you are here just like I said !!)
Beverly watching over a 60cc rider
Cute smile for the camera

Contributed by Mike Widera of his daughter Stacey:

Stacey in a corner
Stacey on the stepup

Stacey and friend, Leah, discuss Strategy

Photo contributed by Mike Widera

Funny Story: 
I talked my snowboarding and slalom ski friend into doing his first motocross ever). Mick is a great athlete (38 years old) and is here on a work visa from Ireland.  He's been riding Englishtown practice track for the last 2 years and I finally got him to race. So I signed him up for 3 classes (+35, +25 novice and +30 novice).  We rode the first moto together in +35 and I stayed with him the whole time just to watch over him.  Well, he gets into a bar to bar battle with this other rider and is going really well. He is so stoked when he finishes the race and is totally pumped about how he almost beat this guy but that he got tired and could not hold him off any longer.  I encouraged him and told him I was there to watch every move on the track.  "Great riding" I said.  You really raged in your first moto. And then, "Oh, by the way, that rider that you were battling with... well, his name is Sal Benanti and he's 67 years old".  He just got a blank stare and then he let his head drop and his the crossbar.  It was a defining moment and now he knows  that "endless practicing" at Englishtown does not make you a fast.  You got to RACE!   Needless to say it was a time for big laughs, and he had a great day and will be back.  Here's his pics: (#61 on the Kawie)  ===>
His first day of motocross EVER: : #61 takes the plunge

#61 on the last table
#61 looking sharp on the flagpole straight


Tons more Photos by ProRacePhotos   ===>

ProRacePhotos in the line of fire
Album #1 from today
Album #2 from today
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