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Sunday, Sept 1, 2002

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Everyone is glad to see Steve Reid back.  Steve was involved in a freak track accident earlier in the year and we are all glad to see him again.  Clearing Murphy's and generally back to 100% is the way we all saw his riding today!


100% of our Race Day Results

PeeWee 4-6

PeeWee Suz/Yam

sorry, accidentally overlayed these!

PeeWee 7-8

+25 expert

+25 amateur

+25 novice



250 expert

250 amateur


250 novice

Senior mini

+30 expert

+30 amateur

+30 novice


Junior Mini (final) +40 expert

(Fritz #605 won)

+40 amateur

+40 novice

125 expert

125 amateur

125 novice (final) 60cc 6-9

60cc 10-11

+35 Super Mini

Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captures 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures are taken).  So they appear "side by side" sometimes.


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Terry went 1-1 in 125  expert and took a 2nd in 250 expert

Here are some more pictures from this racing day:
amateur #123 on flagpole straight

amateur #55 on flagpole straight
schoolboy #189 on flagpole straight
Carlo triple-triple
Mike Spear and "what is he taking a picture of?"
Big Joe Fritz on rockers
Steve Reid on rockers
ProRace Photos "on the job"
Vitale (125 amateur#961) on flagpole straight
Nicholas Peccarrelli (#322 super min) in the gravity cavity turn
Mike Widera pickinp up up his daughter's trophy
Experts on gravity cavity stepup

Perfect conditon  =====>  COBRA  FOR  SALE !!!       

Only 2 left  =====>  "Walden Jack's"  ===> PUPPIES FOR SALE

Can you find yourself in these panoramic holeshot pics ???
(remember to scroll RIGHT,,, these are big pics)
+25 amateur holeshot   outcome
+25 novice holeshot +crash       outcome
schoolboy holeshot         outcome
250 novice holeshot (taken from end of 2nd straight)   outcome
senior mini holeshot        outcome
+30 expert holeshot       outcome
+30 novice holeshot        outcome
125 amateur holeshot     outcome
PeeWee holeshot +crash
Collegeboy Holeshot        outcome

Women's Class:
women's class 1st moto start  outcome
Peggy !   (Mike Widera Photo)

ACE "Post Race" Labor Day Party for club members:
Pat O'Reilly and a friend of the club

Mike Jones and his son
John Barton (ACE club president on right) with the cook
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Beyer
Mrs. Rich Koretsky and son
Murphy's Law "light show" (is that a big jump or what?)
Good Food

Photos Contributed by Mike Widera:
Mike's daughter, Stacy, on the line
Stacy in banked turn
#214 mini rider

Tons of Photos by ProRacePhotos   ===>
Album #1          Album #2

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Samantha Fritz and Stacy Widera
Photo Contributed by Mike Widera (rider #73 Vintage)


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