Modena New, York

Results & Pictures:  Sunday, June 2nd


Pablo Toribio running second in +25 expert. Pablo took a serious getoff in this moto and is nursing a very sore shoulder for all those who are worried about him.  He should be ok in a few weeks and back on the #24 Honda.


100% of our Race Day Results

PeeWee 4-6

PeeWee Suz-Yam

PeeWee 7-8




250 expert

250 amateur

250 novice


Senior Mini


+30 expert

+30 amateur

+30 novice

College boy

Junior Mini (final) +40 (a,b,c)

125 expert

125 amateur 125 novice (final) 60cc 6-9

60cc 10-11



+25 expert

+25 amateur

+25 novice
Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captured 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures were taken).  So they appear "side by side" sometimes.


Here are some more pictures from this racing day:
ProRacePhotos photographing Kyle Hutson
That new stepup jump
Mark Siegel (#227) on the flagpole straight
Funny stuff grows at the end of the holeshot straight

I finally got a pic of you Chris!  (ProRacePhotos Chris)
But you got too aggressive and decided to suddenly pass a rider and block my view !
SLOW DOWN next time if you want good photography. 

Can you find yourself in these panoramic holeshot pics ???
Wild schoolboy
+25 novice
+30 expert
+30 amateur
+30 novice  (outcome)
+25 amateur  (outcome)

One the gate with a big smile from Ted Bolkema
Holeshot (panoramic)

Women's Class:
Terry Finkle prepares the gate for Terry Eagan
Pablo and Barbara
Terrie Ann Garafolo (#293 Yamaha) taking care of her daughter before her moto

Will someone please explain to us
why expensive aluminum bars JUST SNAP OFF while riders are landing jumps?   Jeff Conboy was injured when his standard aluminum renthals snapped over a season ago and he still isn't well enough to ride.  Almost got Dylan Van Orden today.  Yeah, they are highly resistant to bending.  But not resistant to just snapping off without warning when you are just riding down the track.   Aluminum is a wonderful thing but it was never meant to flex.  Aren't engineers supposed to know stuff like that?
Pro Tapers #1
Pro Tapers  #2

So what was all the fuss about ?  Somebody get first overall?  Somebody just make the nationals?  

Finally:  We all wish Tom Steele (#206 Suzuki // 250 amateur) a good and strong recovery.  Tom fell on the finish line rockers and severely injured one of his legs.  He is in St. Joseph's hospital in Poughkeepsie and wants very much to hear from his fellow riders.

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