Modena New, York

Results & Pictures:  Sunday, May 5th


+25 expert (First Half)

No question that the most exciting moto of the day was the Terry Finkle - Carlo Coen battle in the first +25 expert moto.  It had everyone on their feet.  Terry took the moto win but Carlo came back later that day to capture the overall for the day.
Another Pic


100% of our Race Day Results

PeeWee 4-6

PeeWee Suz/Yam

PeeWee 7-8

Senior Mini

+30 expert

+30 Amateur

+30 novice

Junior Mini

College boy (final; no names) +40 (a,b,c) 125 expert

125 amateur

125 novice (final) 60cc 6-9

60cc 10-11



Super Mini

+25 expert

+25 amateur

+25 novice




250 expert

250 amateur

250 novice

Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captured 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures were taken).  So they appear "side by side" sometimes.


Here are some more pictures from this racing day:

Rich Price, author of the "RP Report"

Rich Price on flagpole straight
Everything about Rich and his bike are PERFECT
(just trim those drain hoses Rich!)
Rich carving over the hump

Can you find yourself in some of these panoramic action shots?
Senior Mini Holeshot   
+30 expert holeshot  
125 amateur holeshot
125 novice holeshot  
another 125 novice holeshot 
PeeWee 7-8 holeshot  
Senior Mini Holeshot

The Black Lab Puppies
Mike Hoensch brought 3 black lab puppies to find homes at the track:
Puppy #1  Puppy #2  Puppy #3  

The "Pappa Joe Fritz" story
Joe Fritz had a bad, bad, bad, bad, day !!  But George, the track waterer, suggested some VooDoo magic "moose horn" would bring him good luck. Even showed us where it should go on the bike. (Terry, we see you back there laughing!).  Joe's motocross motto:  "always come prepared".  And that means even bringing the right T-Shirt with you.   (( its a broken collar bone... clean break... should heal fast ))

From "left to right"

Women's Class:  Amanda Kern #154
+25 novice:  Mark Siegel #227
Women's Class: Christine Bosna #613

Christine got a 5th and then came back to WIN the 2nd moto! 

By the way; Mark and Christine both work behind the parts counter for Kawasaki-Yamaha Sport Center on Route 23 in Pompton Plains, NJ.    Great shop. Stop in and say HELLO some time.


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