Modena New, York

Results & Pictures:  Sunday, April 21


ACE Motocross Treasurer, Rob Beyer, had a great day watching his daughter Jackie #717 (CLICK)  take first place in women's class and his son Rob jr. #61 take first place in 250 novice (by a country mile!). Nice rides Jackie and Rob.


100% of our Race Day Results

PeeWee 4-6

PeeWee Suz/Yam


+30 expert

+30 amateur

PeeWee 7-8


Junior Mini

+40 (a,b,c)

125 expert

125 amateur

125 novice 60cc 6-9
60cc 10-11



Super Mini

125 expert

+25 amateur

+25 novice

+30 novice Schoolboy



250 expert

250 amateur

250 novice

senior mini

Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captured 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures were taken).  So they appear "side by side" sometimes.


Here are some more pictures from this racing day:
Crash !
Bruno (ACE announcer) roosting Rich Koretsky
Jay Rapp and a bunch of friends (#727) over first table
Packed novice riders into 3rd turn

PeeWee holeshot (or the two "running dads" #1 )
PeeWee holeshot (or the two "running dads" #2 )
PeeWee holeshot (or the two "running dads" #3 )
PeeWee holeshot (or the two "running dads" #4 )

PeeWee #699
PeeWee dad's fixing gate
PeeWee holeshot

Can you find yourself in some of these panoramic action shots?
125 amateur holeshot
125 amateur holeshot (3rd turn)
+25 amateur holeshot (pic #1)
+25 amateur holeshot (pic #2)
+25 amateur holeshot (3rd turn)
+30 amateur holeshot
Wild +30 novice holeshot
Junior mini holeshot
125 novice holeshot?
Expert holeshot (probably +25 expert)

People Pics
"Uncle" Scott Behrens and the 4 princesses
+40 expert Phil Klemen's and family
Rich Koretsky #272 trackside (R & R Motorsports )
66 year old Sal still racing strong in +40 expert (looking pretty radical today too!)
Women's Class, Samantha Fritz and her dad Joe
ACE Club members chilling out after the track was closed at day's end

Want to "pass", "jump", "carry too much speed" or basically just disrespect the yellow flag in general?  No problem!  But you'll have to explain it to one of our long time district experts why you have no regard for yourself and your fellow riders.
Yellow Flag head banger

Here are some photos sent in by Mike Widera of his daughter Stacey:

  1. Stacey in the rockers

  2. Stacey climbing the table

  3. Left hairpin

Here are some photos sent in by Chris Van Blarcom of "ProRacePhoto":
(a big thank you to Chris for photographing Vintage and Women's for us)

  1. Vintage:  Ted Bolema's IMMACULATE 1974 CR250 (Ted took the overall for the day).
    ** on the spectator table
    (Ted, wild holeshot 2nd moto!)

  2. Vintage: #18, Randy, taking the win in the first moto

  3. Women's Class, Jackie Beyer, looking sharp as usual.

  4. Women's Class, Jackie Beyer and Christina battling it out

  5. Women's Class, Jackie on the pipe and focused

  6. Women's Class (Christine)


OOk, so how does David McClean's 15 year old CR250 Honda rate a front page picture?  Well, when I saw this picture developed and that it was holeshotting right alongside Carlo's 2002 CR250 and Terry Finkle's YZ426 I figured that he earned it.  Because I could not believe what I was seeing either (CLICK).


Did everyone notice the new ACE SIGN by the side of the road this time?  


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