Modena New, York

Results & Pictures:  Sunday, March 24


Mike Leavitt cheering on our top District 34 Riders
( as Terry Finkle (#1) and Mike Spear (#6) battle it out in a second half  moto )
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100% of our Race Day Results

Peewee 4-6

Peewee Suz Yam
Peewee 7-8

Senior Mini
+30 Expert

+30 Amateur
+30 Novice


Junior Mini

+40 (a,b,c)
125 expert

125 amateur
125 novice

60cc 6-9
60cc 10-11


Super Mini +25 expert

+25 amateur
+25 novice

250 expert

250 amateur
250 novice
Note:   remember to scroll to the right if you don't see your racing class when the image first appears.  The camera captured 2 result pages at a time (when the pictures were taken).  So they appear "side by side" sometimes.


Here are some more pictures from this racing day:

  1. +40 holeshot second half  (ACE president, John Barton #144 can be seen here as well as former president Tom Stinson #581).

  2. Junior mini moments after gate drops (panoramic view)

  3. this looks like a page out of one of those illustrated "how to" books
    (in this case "how to" jump all of Murphy's)

  4. Crowded amateur action right after Murphy's law

  5. Better get that "nose" down!

  6. 60cc rider, Alec Eccleston, (#324) with fire in his eyes

  7. 60cc rider, Dominick Guastella (#56) with that trademark red, white and blue helmet

  8. 60cc rider, Troy Davis, (#49) talks it up with friend after the race

  9. Sal (66 years old) was happy as could be. 
    He won a $20 "expert purse" for his efforts in +40 expert.  Now, how cool is that !!!

  10. Expert Holeshot: first turn (Spear, Finkle, Coen side by side)

  11. Anymore doubts where the fast line is on the front straight?

  12. Amateur holeshot

  13. Rich Koretsky (closeup) with Tom Bruno in hot pursuit

  14. Women's class rider Peggy Debusman (left) & Mrs. Koretsky (with Rich's new son!!)

  15. 2nd half Schoolboy holeshot (panoramic view)

  16. #73 expert ripping down the front straight

Here are some photos sent in by Mike Widera:

  1. Lone amateur rider on Murphy's law

  2. #83 60cc powering out of "gravity cavity"

  3. Vintage 125cc "air cooled" Honda (#983)

  4. Tom Bruno enjoying some quiet time on the double before the finish line

Here are some photos sent in by Chris Van Blarcom of "ProRacePhoto":

  1. Terry Finkle

  2. Jeff Rossier

  3. Carlo Coen

  4. Terry Finkle and Koretsky

  5. Tom Baker

  6. Kyle Hutson

  7. Mike Ceglio


ACE Club member, Jim Bottomley is pleased
with the strong turnout for the first ACE Race of the year.
for a pic of your +50 ride))


Did everyone notice the new ACE SIGN by the side of the road?   Can't understand what was wrong with the old one but the everyone said it looked bad so we had to take it down!  Seriously, it was a great day of racing on excellent conditions and we hope that we showed all of you a good time.  See you Saturday for Easter Open Practice!


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