Modena New, York

Results & Pictures:  Sunday, June 9th

(hosted by American Classic Racing)

It was a perfect sunny day as I pulled into the track.   About 150 riders in attendance. Track was perfect.  The vintage club had been up all Friday night and early Saturday morning adding personal touches to the  track.   Lots of careful watering and hand grooming (by vintage club members) put the finishing touches on the track that had been machine groomed the day before.
The vintage club made a few track changes to accomodate the vintage machines:   "Gravity Cavity" #1 was put back into the course! (the one immediately after the backfield rockers/table).   The double out of "Gravity Cavity" #3 was taken out (routed around it).  This was kind of cool because it turned out that you could scream the stepup and fly halfway into the turn now.   Murphy's law was also taken out as well as the double just before it and the double-double section just before that.
So that was the track and I quickly unloaded my YZ250F when I saw it and signed up for the 2 classes (+30/+40 and open district 34) that my modern bike was legal in.
Yes, accommodations are made at most vintage events for modern bike riders. 


  • Practice
    1) Practice was great.  1.5 hours was allocated and there were no restrictions (except for the gas in your tank!) on a track that was impeccably groomed and watered.

Be sure to catch the next American Classic Racing event in District 34.  Its something you won't want to miss!  And be sure to stop by talk to Tom France as he has many vintage magazines and stories about district 34.  Tom showed me one magazine from 1973 and several of the champions featured are still racing today in our district. 


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