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Results & Pictures:  Sunday, June 3rd

The big "mud race".  Track was looking good during signup and it clearly was going to be in perfect shape by the first moto. But as practice began a violent thunderstorm rolled in (soaking the track for over an hour).  The mudfest had begun.  But nothing compared to the mud that filled the first left turn on the holeshot.  If you didn't get the holeshot the left side of your bike & bod were shot with high speed mud roost.  Honestly, the feeling was one of being hit with a heavy, "flying" substance.  The most pronounced feeling was that of "heavy things" hitting and sticking to you.  By the 2nd left turn you weighed 30 lbs more than you did 4 seconds before.

The first women's race at ACE! 7 riders braved the mud and it was bar to bar action at the end of the first lap.  Great competition and some wild riding in the mud.


The Following Results were contributed by Rich Price (R.P. Report).   Thanks Rich....

PeeWee 4-6:
1. Brian Doolittle

PeeWee 7-8:
1. Justin Barcia (KTM)
2. Dominick Guastella (Pol)
3. Tom Sharkey (Cob)

PeeWee 4-8 Suzuki-Yamaha:
1. Dominick Guastella (Yam)
2. Dylan Wolfe (Yam)
3. Jacob Ballard (Yam)

1. Barbara Wesotski (Yam)
2. Terry Eaban (Yam)
3. Peggy Debusmann (Kaw)

125 Schoolboy 12-15:
1. Manelous Borgades (Hon)
2. Robert Silk Jr. (Hon)
3. Pablo Timpson (Yam)

250 Expert:
1. Kenny Blackwell (Hon)
2. Jacob Radalewicz (Suz)
3. Pablo Toribio (Hon)
4. Joe Beatty (Hon)
5. Terry Finkle (Yam)

250 Amateur:
1. Ted Hendrickson (Kaw)
2. James Perrone (Hon)
3. Jason Shuart (Yam)

250 Novice:
1. Jason Behrens (Yam)
2. Chris Williams (Yam)
3. David Ferris (Hon)

Senior Mini:
1. Jonathan Harter (Kaw)
2. David Stella (Hon)
3. Johnny Murphy (Kaw)

+30 Expert:
1. Kenny Blackwell (Hon)
2. Rich Koretsky (Yam)
3. Dave Olsen (Yam)

+30 Amateur:
1. Scott Greer (Hon)
2. Steve Guarino (Hon)
3. Marty DeCarolis (Hon)

+30 Novice:
1. Steve Parrino (Yam)
2. James Maguire (Kaw)
3. Kevin Sisson (Hon)

Collegeboy 16-24:
1. Jacob Radalewicz (Suz)
2. Joe Beatty (Hon)
3. Pat Mahan (Hon)

Junior Mini:
1. Anthony Dombrowski (Suz)
2. Charles Fox III (Yam)
3. Keegan Saum (Kaw)

+40 Expert:
1. Keith Mann (Yam)
2. Joe Fritz (Yam)
3. Ralph Scannapieco (Yam)

+40 Amateur/Novice:
1. Douglas Doolittle (Yam)
2. Mark Lloret (Yam)
3. William Shine (Kaw)

125 Expert:
1. Terry Finkle (Yam)
2. Rich Koretsky (Yam)
3. Joe Beatty (Hon)
4. Derek Missen (Yam)

125 Amateur:
1. Ted Hendrickson (Kaw)
2. Keith Chapman (Suz)
3. K.C. Pfister (Yam)

125 Novice:
1. Roger Hummer (Hon)
2. Ronald Rothkranz (Hon)
3. Dan Michald (Yam)

60cc 6-9:
1. Karl Staats (KTM)
2. Alec Eccleston (Kaw)
3. Tom Sharkey (Kaw)

60cc 10-11:
1. Charles Fox III (KTM)
2. Anthony Dombrowski (KTM)
3. Bobby Bertrum (KTM)

1. Ralph Scannapieco (Yam)
2. Joe Fritz (Yam)
3. Robert Weiss (Hon)

Super Mini:
1. Jonathan Harter (Kaw)
2. Mark Leach (Kaw)
3. David Stella (Hon)

+25 Expert:
1. Kenny Blackwell (Hon)
2. Rich Koretsky (Yam)
3. Dave Olsen (Yam)

+25 Amateur:
1. James Perrone (Hon)
2. Steve Guarino (Hon)
3. Pat O’Reilly (Hon)

+25 Novice:
1. Jason Behrens (Yam)
2. James Maguire (Kaw)
3. Kevin Hanlon (Hon)


The Following Action Shots
were taken by MGM (and Ace club member):

Koretsky (#272) in the "twisties" on the way to Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law in the mud

Looking down on the holeshot from the control tower

Foot off the peg (as rider gets snagged in a muddy rut)


The Following Action Shots
were taken by Mike Hoensch: expert rider #58

Here's what the first holeshot had to go through

Imagine being "axle deep" on YOUR bike !

Out of control was the order of the day

Sometimes you just couldn't take it anymore

There were some great jetski berms

Women's class had a strong turnout and exciting bar to bar competition

The double-double before Murphy's

Air Time was rare during the first half

Bikes were really heavy to lean and jump

Finish line rockers

Lake Oooze (after the last finish line rocker)

Blackwell had a great day.   Here's his holeshot

Bottom of gravity cavity

Straightaway after the holeshot

After a few laps you just wanted to SCREAM

Almost every muddy bike told the same story:  Seems that the left side of almost everybody's bike was on the clean side.  But the right sides were wiped out with mud.   It was the first left turn during the holeshot that did it.  Shelled your exposed left side as you banked into the left handed turn (if you were not in the lead).
#878  left side
#878  right side

The Following Movie was made by George Zura
(this is first class stuff.  you will need a cable modem or DSL and RealPlayer)



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